Pet Rules




Dogs are welcome at Clear Creek Station, however, we have strict guidelines which must be followed in order to insure that everyone including pets, are safe and have a pleasant stay while they are visiting.

Dog rules are as follows: 

  1. Dogs must be attended at all times. They must either be on a leash or chain and the owner (you) must be present with the animal, or they must be in your trailer, camper etc. If you choose to chain your dog, it must      be to your trailer or a stake provided by you the owner. They may not be chained to trees, tables, faucets, or other property owned by Clear Creek Station. 
  2. It does not matter how small or cute or old your dog is… AT NO TIME (that includes late night and early morning!) are dogs allowed to roam freely within the park, and at no time should they be chained or penned outside your vehicle without the owner or a responsible party present.
  3.  Sometimes pets from neighboring houses will venture into the park unattended. If you see a loose dog, please report it to either the park manager or someone inside the restaurant.
  4. You may walk your dog(s) along the back fence line, away from all the camp sites in order for it/them to relieve  themselves. It is your      responsibility to clean up after your pet. If you need doggie clean up bags, please see park manager.
  5. Incessant barking will not be tolerated. We have people staying here at Clear Creek that work a variety of shifts and  need their sleep at various hours throughout the day, as well as the folks that have come to relax and enjoy a quiet country atmosphere. A barking dog is disruptful to all, so please pay attention to your animal and keep it under control.
  6. Clear Creek Station is not liable for any damage or harm to individuals or other animals caused by pets residing here at the park. It is the pet owner’s  responsibility for any damage or harm caused by their animal. Many dogs that have never previously shown aggression will unexpectedly bite when they are in an unfamiliar  environment.  Please be responsible and use caution when introducing children or individuals or other pets to yours.  

These rules are for the benefit and safety of everyone that is staying in our park.  Failure to follow these rules can result in immediate expulsion, WITHOUT a refund.

Thank you for taking this matter seriously and following the pet rules.

Clear Creek Station Management

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